A native Mississippian, Jennifer Jones Schroeder is an artist, event planner, and yogi with a unique smorgasboard perspective on her creative journey. “While other kids were drawing on paper, I was painting murals on the interior spaces of my Volkswagen bug.” 

In 1987, Jennifer opened Jennifer Jones Designs as a special events and decorations firm in the international convention and hospitality industry based in Atlanta. “I named the company Jennifer Jones Designs, Ltd. knowing that as an artist, my venue was subject to change, but the name of my company could support whatever creative process the Muse might inspire.

The study of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, plus the mentorship of Jean Shinoda Bolen deepened her experience, interests, and imaginings. Myths, dreams, and faerie tales were a thread of discovery in her pursuit of the flame in sacred psychology, and this is the foundation of the current chapter of of her artistic expression. Throughout all these years, she painted and collaged these images in vivid colors on furniture, much like the Volkswagen bug graffiti art of long ago.

For many years, Jennifer has pursued a love affair with the enchanted island of Bali through its deep rich culture and beautifully creative people. During her 20 years on Bali, she has developed a line of hand braided .925 Khumer silver jewelry and children's opera quality costumes inspired by the archetypes in faerie tales. These will all be offered through Jennifer Jones Designs transforming website.

The discovery of yoga, both as a meditative and vigorous practice, has been the revolution of this current decade for Jennifer Jones Schroeder. She expresses that finding yoga was like coming home to embrace old friends on the mat, who have been on this same adventure all along. Active in the YogaSource Palo Alto community, she has become a certified RYT 500 Hour Gentle, Yin, and Restorative Yoga instructor, now mentoring students in the teacher training program at YSLG. The schedule of her popular classes can be found currently under Schedule at YogaSource Palo Alto.

The Muse is at it again, and Jennifer Jones Designs’ new website will share offerings from decades of creative expression. Everything is Energy, and that’s all there is to it. Imagination is more important that knowledge, and Yoga is for everybody who can breathe.


Hope and Jennifer relish the opportunity to work in Bali. To learn more about our relationship with Balinese craftsmen for over 15 years, stay tuned for a special feature.